Getting Started

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Temperature: 30°-80° C (86°-176° F). For users who are new to the Embers, we recommend starting at a lower temperature and gradually increasing it as the body adjusts to the heat.

Time Of Day

Anytime! Use your Embers when it works best for you or around certain times for specific benefits. Some people use their Embers in the morning to increase alertness and energy. Others wait until later in the day for a deep relaxation effect. The important thing is consistent use.


Any heat-resistant flat surfaces. If you decide to use your Embers on a bed, couch, or rug, ensure that it is not made with synthetic, latex, or flammable materials. Clothing It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that is moisture absorbent (ie. Cotton). Socks should be worn at all times to cover the feet. You may also lay a towel inside the blanket underneath your body for additional comfort. Ensure that you aren’t wearing any jewelry or metal.