How Does Red Light Therapy Improve Strength & Hypertrophy?

How Does Red Light Therapy Improve Strength & Hypertrophy?

How does Red Light Therapy improve strength and hypertrophy? 

Red Light Therapy (RLT) improves strength and hypertrophy by using medical-grade 5w LEDs to project red and near-infrared wavelengths onto your body. This is predominantly due to the relationship between red light therapy and the mitochondria in our cells. Red light therapy improves current and produces new mitochondria to upregulate ATP, “the energy currency” of the body. An increase in energy production allows users to perform at a higher capacity during resistance training.⠀

Several studies (Ferraresi et al., 2010; Baroni et al., 2014) have found significant hypertrophic and strength gains in muscles surrounding the knee when using RLT. Ferraresi et al. (2010) determined that those who had implemented RLT immediately post-workout had shown “an increase of 55% in the 1-RM leg-press test”. In comparison, the controlled group showed an increase of 26% in the same test.

Baroni et al. (2014) measured the adaptations in muscles that are involved in knee extension. In this 8-week study, they tracked the changes in muscle thickness, isometric peak torque, and eccentric peak torque from the knee extensors. The findings between the training groups who implemented RLT prior to their workout and trained without RLT (respectively) are as followed: “muscle thickness (15.4% vs 9.4%)”; “isometric peak torque (20.5% vs 13.7 %)”; and “eccentric peak torque (32.2% vs 29.0%)”. ⠀

For optimal strength and hypertrophy benefits, we recommend pairing your Orion red light therapy treatments around your resistance training.

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