The Science Behind Far-Infrared Light

What Is Far-Infrared Light (FIR)?

FIR is a wavelength of light that penetrates our cells to provide greater holistic health benefits. As you focus on other growth areas in tandem, Orion Embers will help ensure that your body's core functions are taken care of and improve your health overall.

Why is Detox important to health?

A proper detox can help strengthen our immune system and aid important biochemical processes, such as digesting food. Within each session, our body's core temperature will increase, allowing detoxification at the cellular level.

What is the Orion Embers made of?

The Orion Embers is engineered with a low-EMF far infrared helix arranged between layers of solvent-free, non-toxic, and waterproof PU leather. A subtle reversible zipper smoothly glides through its edges to bind the blanket together.