Erin Miller

Erin Miller

Meet Erin Miller

Erin is a coach who helps guide mothers in dismantling the beliefs that trap them inside of anxiety and inner conflict so they can break free of those cuffs and align their energies to live a life of ease and flow.

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Which Orion model do you use?

Orion Pro 300

What benefits do you use red light therapy for?

I use red light therapy to support my aging skin, skin damage, lower back pain, menstrual regulation and circadian rhythm.

How do you use your Orion? What is your setup and routine like?

I love to use it both in the morning and sometimes in the evening. In the morning, I immediately wake up and sit in front of the red light while doing a 10 minute meditation. If the day has been particularly stressful or depleting of my energy or I'm having any physical pain, I will sit in front of the light for an additional 10 minutes in the evening. I like to have it set up in my bedroom which is my safe haven as a mom of young kids and dogs.

If you could only recommend one book to anyone, what would it be?

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

What’s a health hack/health routine you wish you could tell your younger self to start?

Without question I would tell my younger self to begin to learn more about her menstrual cycle and sync my energy to this super power.

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