Dr. Biljana Durickovic

Dr. Biljana Durickovic

Meet Dr. Biljana Durickovic

Dr. Durickovic is a chiropractor who helps optimize the function of one's nervous system so that they can handle loads of life better and be more resilient.

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Which Orion model do you use?

Orion 300

What benefits do you use red light therapy for?

I mainly use my Orion for to help with anti-aging, sleep, and promote hair growth. I also love the effects of it on my skin.

How do you use your Orion? What is your setup and routine like?

Typically I use my Orion once a day in the evening for about 15 minutes. I'll set it up by placing it on my desk and listen to my favorite podcast or TV show. On certain days, I'll even use my Orion in the morning and practice meditating at the same time.

If you could only recommend one book to anyone, what would it be?

How To Break The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dizpenza

What’s a health hack/health routine you wish you could tell your younger self to start?

I really wished that I would have known how grains affect my body. Growing up, grains was part of my regular diet and I wasn't able to understand how my body didn't respond to it until I grew up and started feeling the effects of it. 

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